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MV-Käsine, Stanno Ultimate Grip LTD

MV-Käsine, Stanno Ultimate Grip LTD
MV-Käsine, Stanno Ultimate Grip LTD
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  • Model: Stanno Ultimate Grip LTD -8000



Lukuisien huippumaalivahtien ykkösvalinta. Stannon suosituin Pro MV-käsine nyt rajoitettuna eränä myös tyylikkäänä kokomustana!

NYT MYÖS NIMI TAI NUMEROPAINATUKSELLA!  Muista ilmoittaa painettava nimi tai numero tilauslomakkeen lisätietokentässä.

  • Limited Edition! The Ultimate Grip II Black is a limited edition version of our classic goalkeeper glove, the Ultimate Grip II. The glove that focuses on the most important qualities a glove could have: optimal grip, optimal shock absorption. Simple as that. The super soft profi foam has excellent qualities for both dry and wet weather conditions. It provides a superior shock absorption and guarantees optimal wearing comfort. With the roll finger system, the finger is completely surrounded by foam, without stitching. The magnification of the grip surface that is created in this way, allows for optimum grip on the ball. The use of the right materials increases the durability and ensures maximum comfort. The wristband is equipped with a velcro closure for easy donning and doffing of the glove.

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